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Sohini (which is occasionally also written as Sohni)  is a lively and popular rag used for khayal as well as thumri compositions.

Tone material: S r G M D N

This hexatonic rag omits Pa and the middle Re is a weak note in the ascent. However, the high Re is prominent. The main movements of the rag are around the high Sa.

Some characteristic phrases:

G- M D N S r S
D N S r S r N S N D M G

When used in thumri, other notes can be included in the melodic structure described above. Rag-s Puriya (vide) and Marva (vide) have the same tonal material as Sohini. However, unlike Sohini, these rag-s move in the lower and middle octaves respectively. Also, the melodic movements are quite distinct in these rag-s.

Sohini also has some similarity with rag-s like Basant (vide) and Hindol (vide).

Time: late night  (Bhatkahnde [KPM III ) 1999: 404)

Further listening:
Recording by Bade Ghulam Ali Khan
Recording by Kumar Gandharva
Recording by Shahid Parvez

Performance by Aslam Khan


मोपे तो रंग डारे
अौर अाप ना भिजे
एरी सखी अब कहा किजे

गुलाल मले अौर
कछु मुख मेदत
कहोरी सखी अब कहा किजे

The song depicts the colourful festival of holi.

Oh my friend, he (the beloved) splashes coloured water on me but himself remains dry. He also smears the red powder (gulal) on my face. Please tell me what can I do.

 Tal: Rupak

4-8: The very first phrase reaches the high Sa, typical for this rag
15-22: A movement moving around the high Sa with characteristic motifs like S r S R N S Nd M G
30-63: After a very brief melodic introduction (auchar) the first part of the composition is presented. Note the accentuated beat of the 7-beat rhythmic cycle coinciding on the high Sa
67-296: Improvisation using words of the composition (bol alap). Note that generally the phrases move around the high Sa
297-322: Fast movements are included
331-378: Second part of the composition (antara). Note the composition interspersed with variations of some sections, also using words of the composition

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