The Automated Transcription for Indian Music (AUTRIM) Project by NCPA and UvA


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153 Responses to “Comments”

  1. Prasenjit Duara said

    Thank you so much for this wonderful resource. I finally found a way to understand how shrutis work in practice after 50 years of listening (and learning a bit). Prof Van Der Meer’s essay on Darbari gandhar is no longer available on the original site…

  2. Wim van der Meer said

    The Praat manual for musicologists has moved. You can now find it on

    • Thank you Wim. This will help others like myself. I tried searching for the Manual as I had entered the URL in my bibliography but drew a blank each time. Luckily serendipity stepped in and I found the manual at the site.

  3. Vijayendra Rao said

    Your audio example of Raga Bihagda by Manjijri Asnare is incorrectly assigned. She is singing Ek Nishad Bihagda, not Bihagda. This raga- as it name suggests – removes komal Ni from Bihagda, which has both Nishads. Please compare Raga Bihagda here:, to Ek Nishad Bihagda here

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