The Automated Transcription for Indian Music (AUTRIM) Project by NCPA and UvA


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  1. Rahul Ogale said

    Excellent site!
    Love the way each raga is introduced. once can play the example song and read the point wise explanations of the particularities of that song

    very useful to know about a particular raga.
    More examples with such description will be very useful…

    Congratulations to the site and material makers!!
    Keep it up!

  2. Chapelier De Cheshire said

    Hi everyone ! I just found this wonderful tool. Great programing also ! I’ve been doing a lot of research but i couldn’t find this software available for downloading… I know it’s a research software and it’s so precious. But it would be such a powerfulm practice tool if i could put my own voice in it ! Whatever you’re all so great thanks to all the singers and all the wonderful people who have worked on this !

    • Wim van der Meer said

      Thanks for your kind comment. The software we use is PRAAT, freely available from (university of amsterdam). However, it is not easy, please start by checking out my “praat for musicologists” article… (

      • Chapelier De Cheshire said

        Thanks a lot !! I was using Sonic visualiser but couldn’t get to isolate the fundamental frequencies so it was kinda messy to use…
        Have a great life !

  3. Tara Nixon said

    This is a very useful website! Thanks for your great work! I’m hoping to use an example of the video from the raag Jog page in a conference workshop I’m giving this weekend, but wifi will be unavailable. Is there a way for me to download the video from you? I’d like to use 0:00-1:46, if possible, and I will be happy to cite this website and share with my attendees.

  4. Rush said

    I notice there isn’t a page dedicated to raga Desh even though it is one of the most well known ragas. Is it possible more ragas will be covered in the future?

    • Wim van der Meer said

      You’re right. How odd that we missed that one. I will see with my colleague Dr. Rao what we can do. Thanks for your suggestion.

    • Wim van der Meer said

      In fact, I conversed with my colleague Suvarnalata, and we had decided that Desh was problematic in the context of khayal, where it usually appears as a mixed raga. However, in dhamar we do have good renditions. Unfortunately we no longer have funding for adding more recordings, the project is now ‘closed’. But I intend to include Faiyaz Khan’s alap and dhamar in Desh one of these days.

      • Rush said

        Thank you. I can volunteer to do the analysis btw. I enjoy fidgeting with the software anyway.

  5. Can I share this blog’s link on my fb page “DrKashyap’s Sarangi, Dilruba & Vocal lessons online” ?

  6. Excellent work! How do we go about doing this for Carnatic ragas? The Raga Surabhi team ( has recordings of most ragas.

    • Wim van der Meer said

      Well nothing in the process is secret, but it does involve starting up a project, training someone to work with the software, and engaging someone to put it all together. We were fortunate to have a grant from the Dorabji Tata foundation, as well as the support of NCPA and the University of Amsterdam. Moreover, we made special recordings with separate voice and accompanying instruments, which gives better results.

  7. ronald said

    In raag shivmat bhairav it says that the tone material is : SrRGmPdnN , but it should be : SrgGmPdnN, as the text makes clear.

  8. Meenakshi said

    Can anyone help me with sapat alankar or swara progression for alhaiya bilawal??
    I want the key phrase for the alap sung by pt. Ustad rashid khan for sumiran kar bhajman ram nam bandish in alhaiya bilawal

  9. Garrett Field said

    Hi, how should one cite this website in an in-text citation?

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