The Automated Transcription for Indian Music (AUTRIM) Project by NCPA and UvA


What does “see booklet” mean?

At a certain point in the video you may see the statement “see booklet”. This is the point where computer generated graphics of  the music become unreadable. Or rather, where the relationship between the sound we hear and the images we see becomes enigmatic. We have discussed this at some length in the article “what you see isn’t what you hear“. The booklet we are referring to was supposed to accompany a DVD containing all the materials on this website, for the convenience of people who do not have internet, or only a slow connection. However, as internet has developed explosively, we no longer consider bringing out such a DVD with booklet. The reason is obvious, on the internet we can continue to improve the work, a DVD is static.

6 Responses to “Booklet”

  1. various Raags works like Therapy on various types of illness either physical and mental. Please also incorporate information regarding usefulness of Raags on various illness.

  2. Various Raags are available to listen. Download facility should be made available so that one can listen by copying into memory card on the move.

    • Wim van der Meer said

      The agreement with the artists makes it impossible for downloading to be made available. However, if you want to listen independently from the web you can record the sound to any recording device. For research purposes it is possible to obtain the original materials by entering into an agreement with NCPA and University of Amsterdam. Such agreement can only be entered into by recognised institutions.

  3. SACHIN said

    Really a best job done.
    Very Much informative.
    Awaiting for booklet to be published & made available in the market with DVD.May please be informed once published.
    Regards & best wishes.

    • Wim van der Meer said

      That has been our original idea, but we feel the internet has become so much more widespread, and we’d have to compress the movies a lot to get them on even a couple of DVDs. But we’ll reconsider your suggestions.